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        Letters and Documents

    1912 The letter he wrote to Salih Bozok.
    1915 A poster inviting people to join the independence war.
    Atelegram he released to Salih Bozok on 18 May 1915.
    The letter he wrote to his friends İbrahim, Fuat and Salih on 09 March 1915.
    1917 The telegram of Salih Bozok which congratulates assignment of him to II. Army Commandership. 27 March 1917
    1920 The letter sent to Grand National Assembly from governor of Yozgat who appose sending elected representatives to assembly. 21 March 1920
    The speech, he addressed on the day which he was elected to   Chairman of First Grand National Assembly. 24 April 1920
    The coded message sent by Prince Omar Faruk to him.
    1921 The famous speech of him, relevant to Turkish Parliament.  
    The coded telegram   which Nustafa Kemal released to Hayati Bey, against possible advance campain of Greek army in Anatolia.  
    The famous speech Mustafa Kemal made, relevant to Turkish Parliament on 10 January 1921.
    1922 The speech delivered in İzmir on liberation of İzmir and Bursa.
    1924 The letter he wrote to General Ismet (Inonu) about his decision   to divorce.
    1927 The original written "The SPEECH".
    1935 The letter which columnist of famous American Magazine Time, wrote to İsmet İnn. 25.05.1935  
    The document, which he expressed his ideas relevant to minister of economy Celal Bayar on 27 June 1935
    1938 His death report.  
    The cover of "The Speech" in new alphabet.
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