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    Coming up ...in 2017

    1. Turkish Language Conference for teachers in May 2017 Saturday Presenter from Yunus Emre Institution

    2. More Planning Seminars on the new Victorian Turkish Language Curriculum

    3. Research Project to promote Turkish in Australia

    You can find the new Australian Turkish Curriculum and links to other related documents on our website


        Religion and Secularism

    98% of the Turkish population is Moslem. However, everyone in Turkey has freedom of religion and belief. No one can be forced to participate in religious ceremonies or rites against their will and no blame can be attached to anyone because of their beliefs.

    The first phases in the introduction of secularism were the abolition of the Caliphate and the Ministry of the Sheria and Pious Foundations on March 4, 1924, followed by the introduction of separate educational and judicial systems, the hat reform, the closure of dervish retreats and rligious sects, the acceptance of a Sunday weekend holiday rather than the Moslem Friday and the adoption of the western calendar, and finally the adoption of the principle of secularism in the Constitution of February 5, 1937.

    In secular Turkey all religious affairs are carried out by a central government organization affiliated to the Prime Ministry, namely the Department of Religious Affairs, established in 1924. The function of this organization is to carry out tasks related to the beliefs, divine services and moral principles of Islam, and to enlighten citizens on religious matters.

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